Large Medical Co-op in Florida Successfully Expands Training Department with CBTeam's Specialized Staffing

Case Studies

A large medical cooperative in Florida was experiencing massive growth and faced an urgent need for permanent Instructional Designers who lived locally. By partnering with CBTeam, they were able to quickly recruit and place several Instructional Designers, resulting in a strengthened and successfully running training department.

The Challenge

Rapid Growth and Local Talent Shortage

The medical cooperative was undergoing rapid expansion and needed to beef up its training department as soon as possible. Despite the urgency, they were struggling to find local Instructional Designers who could join their team on a full-time basis.

The Solution

CBTeam's Expertise in Local Talent Recruitment

The medical cooperative partnered with CBTeam to address their immediate staffing needs. Leveraging their expertise in recruiting Instructional Designers, CBTeam was able to quickly identify and place several local candidates who met the cooperative's requirements.

The Result

A Strengthened and Efficient Training Department

Thanks to CBTeam's effective staffing solutions, the medical cooperative was able to significantly strengthen its training department. The Instructional Designers recruited by CBTeam have been instrumental in the department's ongoing success.

By collaborating with CBTeam, the medical cooperative not only met its immediate staffing needs but also ensured the long-term success of its rapidly expanding training department.

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