Leading Insurance Streamlines Training Divisions

Case Studies

A leading insurance provider, faced challenges with their in-house training team and needed various types of talent, including Developers, Instructional Designers, and Voice-Over Talent. By partnering with CBTeam, they were able to source these talents as consultants, leading to the successful consolidation of their internal training divisions and meeting their ongoing needs.

The Challenge

In-House Training Team Overwhelmed

The company had an ongoing need for multiple types of talent to support their in-house training team. The timeline for this need was spread over a few years, making it a long-term commitment.

The Solution

CBTeam's Multifaceted Staffing Approach

The Insurance company partnered with CBTeam to address their diverse staffing needs. CBTeam's expertise in sourcing a variety of talents made them the ideal partner for this long-term project. They were able to locate and place Developers, Instructional Designers, and Voice-Over Talent as consultants to work with the in-house team.

The Result

Successful Consolidation and Long-Term Capability

Thanks to CBTeam's effective staffing solutions, the insurance company was able to consolidate many of their internal training divisions into one streamlined unit. This consolidation allowed them to handle their training needs more efficiently moving forward.

By collaborating with CBTeam, the insurance company not only met its immediate and ongoing staffing needs, but also achieved a more efficient and streamlined internal training division.

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